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I'm Jessica. 23 years old. I am a nursing student with big dreams of getting out of this small town and seeing the world. This is my personal blog. It will have everything on it from life lessons to cheap humor, game of thrones, walking dead, star wars, lord of the rings, avengers, star trek, and more. I'm always welcoming new friends, so feel free to follow and i'll follow back :) xo


In which Stefan’s expression is the stelena fandom’s reaction

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I just rewatched Captain America: First Avenger and honest to god, after seeing the Avengers and Winter Soldier, you just have so much more sympathy for Steve. I mean can you imagine going through everything he went through, especially with a heart of gold and all the right intention, only to wake up from and find out you’ve been asleep for 70 years? Everything you’ve missed? People you’ve lost? When Nick Fury tells him how long it’s been, his face is just so, so sad. I actually wailed noooOOOOoooooo.

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Your time will come.

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lord of the rings: gondor (SA 3320), kingdom of men.
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“The Moody Couch”

an actual pillow nest

Dog bed for humans. I like. I like a great deal.

um hi yes where can i find one please

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Sebastian and his big adventure of press conference regrets [x]

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"What’s her name again?"

"Sharon. She’s nice."

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#no no no see you guys dont understand #this is one of my favourite parts of the entire serious #because spike is the only one who sees past their bullshit reasoning for kicking buffy out #and he gets so mad #and ends up fighting faith for trying defend them #it showed how much he really loved buffy as a person by that point #im still crying about these last few episodes it’s not fair

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